17 Step How To Make Big Decisions in Life

When you say yes to others make sure you are not saying no to yourself
This is something that took me years to learn.

I never was one to make a lot of poor life choices, but that doesn’t mean I never made any. Being young has its advantages—like the ability to survive on three hours of sleep and still have enough energy to go to a concert the next night. But it also comes with disadvantages, like not fully understanding how to take care of ourselves. Adulthood hasn’t brought me all the answers, and I doubt it ever will. But it has brought me some clarity, and these days I find that my priorities have changed.

Now, I’m making choices that are better for my body, mind, and soul. For example, I used to constantly compare myself to others and my main goal in life was to make everyone elsehappy. I haven’t completely been able to banish the comparisons, but I’m more mindful about them now. And while I want everyone to be happy, I’ve learned that I shouldn’t always sacrifice my own happiness and well being to avoid disappointing others. In short, I am far more self-aware and I value myself so much more than I ever did before.
This shift didn’t just happen overnight—it was a long process and involved a lot of individual choices. Here are some of the choices I’ve made along the way:
Being happy and healthy means eating right.
Being happy and healthy means eating right.
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  1. Finding a workout that I love and committing to it regularly.
  2. Drinking in moderation.
  3. Loving my body for all the hard work it does for me—whether or not I’ve got the perfect flat abs.
  4. Making “me” time.
  5. Making time for friends (apart from my significant other).
  6. Cooking healthy meals at home, regularly.
  7. Being mindful and calling myself out for ignoring what my body and mind need.
  8. Checking up on my health—doctor’s visits, breast checks, etc.
  9. Admitting when I need a mental health day and seeking help when I feel overwhelmed or depressed.
  10. Committing to living a healthy lifestyle rather than extreme dieting.
  11. Spending fewer hours in front of a screen. Reading, writing, or playing with the dog instead of watching another episode of “Friends.”
  12. Being OK with indulging—in moderation. One cookie is NOT something to feel bad about. Twenty cookies is a different story.
  13. Paying attention to what’s in my food, drinks, makeup, and even hair dye—and avoiding harmful chemicals.
  14. Staying home when I’m sick instead of suffering through the day (and making others miserable, too).
  15. Going outside at least once every day.
  16. Letting the little things go rather than allowing them to cause problems.
  17. Allowing myself to be a human being—I will make mistakes, and that is ok. Life is about finding balance, losing it, and then finding it again. Over and over.

What are some tough lessons you’ve learned or choices you’ve made as an adult?

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